GammaSpec Help


GammaSpec is a Windows program for the processing of 256-channel airborne and portable gamma-ray spectrometric data. It provides all the tools required for both the processing of the data, and the calibration of the spectrometers. The use of the program assumes some knowledge of the steps required for the calibration and processing of airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometric data.

The airborne spectrometry tools operate off either Intrepid or Oasis Montaj (Geosoft) databases, and come with a complete set of demonstration databases for processing and calibration. Although no licenses are required for GammaSpec to use these databases, you obviously need access to either the Intrepid or Oasis Montaj processing systems in order to import, export, edit, grid, view and level your airborne geophysical data.

GammaSpec is thus not a stand-alone geophysical processing system – it reads raw gamma-ray spectra, and their associated ancillary data, and processes them through to final radioelement concentrations. There is no facility for editing the raw data. There is also no facility for levelling or decorrugation of the final radioelement concentrations. These steps must be done using either Intrepid or Oasis Montaj.

There are a few important restrictions on the use of Intrepid and Oasis Montaj databases that are described in Database Restrictions and Preparing The Database.

The portable spectrometry tools read and write to text files, and can therefore be used without additional software.